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Davis Unseats the Incumbent Republic

From 2009 to 2015 Wendy Davis represented the 10th District in the Texas Senate. District 10 serves a portion of Tarrant county, the 3rd most populous county in Texas and the county seat of Fort Worth. Davis won the district seat in 2008 against Kim Brimer, the incumbent Republican.

Filibuster Famous

On June 25, 2013, Wendy Davis took the Senate floor and began a stunning filibuster of Senate Bill 5 - an abortion restriction bill raising abortion clinic standards to impractical levels. Davis hoped to persevere for 13 hours to force the bill's passage to be delayed. Obama tweeted that day "Something special is happening in Austin tonight." After 10 courageous hours of speech without the privileges of food, drink, rest, or use of a bathroom, her filibuster came to an end. The bill was successfully delayed.

Champion for Equality

Wendy Davis tirelessly worked towards LGBT equality in Texas by authoring the only LBGT-inclusive version of anti-bullying legislation in 2011, then co-sponsoring youth suicide prevention. With her stellar record on human rights and equality, she gained the support of the Human Rights Campaign in her gubernational bid against incumbent Greg Abbott.

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